Choosing the right soil is the first step in making your dream garden. We can assist you in determining which soil is right for you!

Soil - Flowerbed MixFlowerbed Mix

$33.50 per cubic yard
A mixture of topsoil and compost, perfect for building new beds and amending the soil in old beds.


$33.50 per cubic yard
Our topsoil is a rich soil that is clean, shredded and screened.


$34.50 per cubic yard
A mixture of peat moss, humus, and topsoil. We can custom blend this soil to your needs.


$28.50 per cubic yard
A rich, shredded natural soil additive. Perfect for amending the soil and adding nutrients. We have 3 types of compost: leaf, horse and cow.


$34.50 per cubic yard
Topsoil and leaf compost shredded together, best combination for grass seed.

Fill Dirt

$22.50 per cubic yard
Clean unprocessed soil that may have clumps, rocks and debris.